Puppet/Costume/Creature Construction Resume

Skills include:  Foam fabrication, sheet foam and block foam sculpting; fabric patterning/draping; various creature finishing/hair work; sewing; marionette building, stringing.


  •  THE MONKEY KING - UPROAR IN HEAVEN,  Built costume characters - bear, panda, rat, owl demons    
  • TEAM AMERICA - WORLD POLICE,  Paramount,  Built, strung, rigged marionettes and rod puppets for Chiodo Brothers Productions.     
  • TROPIC THUNDER, Dreamworks,  Built panda bear for Anatamorphex.
  • ALIEN vs. PREDATOR, Fox, Various fabrication of Aliens and Predators for Amalgamated Dynamics.
  • EVOLUTION,  Dreamworks.  Supervised construction of 7 primate-type hairy aliens for ADI.
  • BUBBLE BOY,  Disney.   Constructed bubble suit details for lead character for ADI.
  • BEDAZZLED,  Fox. Constructed/assisted  construction of three demon suits for ADI.
  • DUDE, WHERE’S MY CAR?   Fox.  Fabrication, hair and feathers for the Character Shop.
  • HOLLOW MAN,  Sony.  Adapted gorilla costume, fabrication of mutated gorilla for ADI.    
  • ALIEN RESURRECTION,   Fox,  Feature. Built 10' rod puppet, fabricated creatures for ADI.
  • MY FAVORITE MARTIAN,  Disney.   Fabricated musculature for hydraulic creature for ADI. 
  • X-FILES-THE MOVIE,   Fox.  Fabricated aliens for ADI.
  • SIMIAN,  Fox. Key supervisor of eight gorilla costumes for T.V. movie for KNB FX. 
  • MICHAEL,   New Line Cinema.   Constructed animatronic/costume life-size bull for ADI.
  • WILD AMERICA, Morgan Creek Productions,  Constructed animatronic/costume life-size grizzly bears for KNB FX.    
  • FREAKED,  Fox,  Constructed muscle suit for character "Sockhead" for Alterian Studios.   
  • THE WEE FOLK / LEAPIN' LEPRECHAUNS, Paramount.  Supervised puppet costume construction for radio-controlled puppets. Puppet effects supervisor on set.  
  • HOCUS-POCUS,   Disney.  Constructed costumes, wigs for 1/4 scale puppets for The Character Shop.
  • POISON IVY,   New Line Productions.   Assistant Costume Designer.


  • CRASH and BERNSTEIN, DisneyXD, Puppet builder, costumer    
  • ASTRONOTES,  Jim Gomez, Costume characters for pilot
  • ARK, Trey Stokes director - Costume designer, supervisor
  • ADIDAS - PINK, Charlie Whilte director - Built, performed Pink Teddy Bear
  • EVIL - Interpol Music video, Charlie White director, Lead puppetee 
  • FASH – OLD NAVY,  Built marionette for internet, The Character Shop
  • ANIMAL WOW,   Built dog and cat hand/rod puppets for DVD.
  • PINK 5 STRIKES BACK, RETURN OF PINK 5,   Supervised costumes, Yoda construction.  Independent shorts.
  • BILLY BASTARD,  Pilot, Jim Gomez director.  Costume designer, for various hand/rod and bunraku style  puppets.
  • ROAD HOGS, USA Network, Pilot.  Constructed/assembled animatronic hand puppets.      
  • PEE-WEE'S PLAYHOUSE,  Built "Clockey" and "Floorey" -  foam sculpted and constructed puppets, Season 2.
  • THE ADVENTURES OF TIMMY THE TOOTH,  MCA/Universal. Home Video - 10 episodes.                Constructed hand/mouth/rod puppets and marionettes. Sculpted block foam, sheet foam and fabric.    
  •  ALEF-BET BLASTOFF,  Jewish Television Network. Four episodes for cable T.V.  Supervised and constructed hand/mouth/rod puppets - patterned sheet foam and fabric.     
  • THE SHAGGY DOG,  Walt Disney Television - Movie of the Week.  The Character Shop.  Assisted building shaggy dog hand puppet with radio-controlled features for movie of the week.  
  • EARTH 2,  T.V. Series.  Assisted building alien/creature suits at Cannom Creations.    
  • D.C. FOLLIES,  The Kroffts,  TV.   Assistant foam sculptor/costumer. Puppet wrangler on set.
  • THE MUNCHIES, Binder Entertainment. Home Video. Constructed hand/mouth/rod puppets of sheet foam and fur cloth.



  • UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, TOKYO, Large scale dinosaur body puppets for Chiodo Brothers Productions
  • CREATION,  The Crystal Cathedral, Various large scale puppets, Chiodo Brothers Productions
  • CINDERELLA,   Disney cruise; Lucifer the cat.
  •  THE MECHANICAL RABBIT,   Sacred Fool’s Theater;   Designer and Lead Builder of hand puppets,     shadow puppets, bunraku-style puppets for Padraic Duffy’s puppet theater premiere.
  • MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM,   Garden Grove Theater;  Designer and Lead Builder of ten foot rod puppets Titania, Oberon; hand and rod puppet Puck; and rod puppet fairies.         
  •  1789,  Stages Theatre, Constructed puppets representing figures from the French Revolution for Equity show.
  • THE WITCH'S EGG / AMATERASU, Created marionettes made of found objects for original shows performed at Rio Hondo College, Skirball Cultural Center, San Francisco Puppet Festival, The Complex, East Theater, and the Carpet Company Stage in Los Angeles.   
  • BURNING THE BUSH / VIRGIN, Constructed and performed with bunraku style puppet and rod puppet in original plays by Cheri Gaulke. Toured N.Y.C., L.A., Kansas City, and Santa Monica.
  • REVELATIONS OF THE FLESH/OUR LADY OF L.A./MEDUSA'S BEAUTY SECRETS                  Constructed costumes and masks for independent videos for the Museum of Contemporary Art and      Three Trees Productions.
  • QUEEN MARY/SPRUCE GOOSE,  Costumer for Entertainment Department for three years.                Produced period costumes and walkaround costumes for various shows. Co-produced, built and performed in live puppet shows.
  • BILL HARGATE PRODUCTIONS,  Supervised and built seven muscle suits for show in Branson, MO.
  • BOB BAKER MARIONETTE THEATER,  Constructed and costumed marionettes for live shows.