Puppeteer Resume

Special skills:

  • Hand/Rod Puppets
  • Marionettes
  • Animatronics
  • Cable control and Hydraulic puppets.
  • Puppet, creature, costume construction
  • Voiceover


  • ANNABELLE 2, Punch and Judy rod puppets, WB, David Sandberg
  • DAVE MADE A MAZE, Various hand and rod puppets, Bill Waterson
  • TEAM AMERICA:WORLD POLICE, Principle puppeteer, Various roles, Paramount, T. Parker/M. Stone
  • MEN IN BLACK II, Neeble (assisted), and others, rod/animatronics, Columbia Pictures, Barry Sonenfeld
  • PROTAGONIST, Various roles, rod puppets, Diorama Films, Jessica Yu
  • THE SANTA CLAUSE III, Chet the Reindeer, animatronics, Disney, Michael Lembeck
  • LOONEY TOONS, Man from Planet X, others, animatronics, Warner Brothers, Joe Dante
  • THE SANTA CLAUSE II, Judy, animatronics, Disney, Michael Lembeck
  • MEN IN BLACK II, Neeble, and others, Sony, Barry Sonnenfeld
  • EVOLUTION, Lead Alien, Dreamworks, Ivan Reitman
  • DUDE, WHERE’S MY CAR?, Dog, Fox, Danny Leiner     
  • HOLLOW MAN, Gorilla, Mutated Gorilla, animatronics, Sony, Paul Verhoeven
  • MY FAVORITE MARTIAN, The Martian, animatronic/cable/hand puppets, Disney, Donald Petrie
  • THE X-FILES, The creature, animatronics, Fox, Rob Bowman
  • ALIEN RESURRECTION, The Alien, hydraulic/cable/rod/hand puppets, Fox, Jean Pierre Jeunet
  • BEDAZZLED , Demon, Fox, Harold Ramis
  • THE 6th DAY, Sim-Pal Cindy, animatronics, Columbia, Roger Spottiswoode
  • MICHAEL, The Bull, animatronic/cable puppet, New Line, Nora Ephron
  • WILD AMERICA, The Bear, animatronic/hand puppet, Warner Brothers, William Dear
  • BATMAN RETURNS, Penguins, cable/animatronic puppets, Warner Brothers, Tim Burton
  • THE WEE FOLK, Leprechauns, Fairies, animatronic puppets, Paramount, Ted Nicolau


  • "Amaterasu" - Directed, wrote, created puppets, narrated short marionette film, produced by Heather Henson's Handmade Puppet Dreams
  • "the muppets", Assisted various roles, ABCTV
  • "Beanie and Bren", Webisodes, Beanie - Lead Puppeteer, Steve Espinoza
  • "Pink" - Music video, Lead puppeteer: hand, rod puppet
  • "Evil" - Music video, Lead puppeteer: animatronics, cable, rod puppet
  • "Pink 5" - Fanfilm webisodes, Ewok - hand puppet
  • "Sponge Bob Square Pants" - Potty the Parrot: marionette
  • "Firefly" - Shadow puppets, FOX
  • "Super Adventure Team" - Queen of Freedonia: marionette
  • "Eco" - Amanda: little girl, hand puppet
  • "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" - girl cat
  • "Chicago Hope", Stevie the gorilla, animatronic, CBS
  • "Timmy the Tooth", Annette, hand/rod puppet, MCA/Universal
  • "Alef Bet Blastoff!", Mom, hand/rod puppet, Jewish Television
  • "Animal Wow", Remix the Cat (assisted), hand/rod puppets, Larry Kay
  • "Wake-Up America", Girl hand/rod puppet
  • "The Great 911 Adventure", Linda, hand/rod puppet, GTE VisNet, Tony Urbano
  • "Road Hogs", Bolts, hand/animatronic puppet, USA Network, Kevin Yagher
  • "The Shaggy Dog", The Dog- hand/animatronic puppet, Disney           
  • "Commander Toad is Space: Royal Phisbin", Lt. Lily - hand/rod puppet, Churchill Media, ABC TV


  • Kayak, Honda, Nike, Fandango, Perdue Chicken, General Mills, and more


  • “The Witch’s Egg”, “Amaterasu”: marionette shows with found objects, perfomed at Rio Hondo College,  The Skirball Center for the Arts, Santa Monica
  • Parade puppets for festivals
  • Exhibit at the Woman’s Building “Toys” - Queen of France: rod puppet
  • “The Burning Bush” performance piece by Cheri Gaulke: little girl